POS Sales Partners

PosIQ is a service that is offered almost exclusively through channel partners within the POS industry. We believe that the relationships these dealers and resellers hold with their accounts are critically important to locating and engaging candidate restaurant accounts. We have outstanding programs that will help a dealer quickly identify which of their accounts are good candidate leads which PosIQ can engage on their behalf.

The PosIQ team will do nearly all the work helping your accounts understand the service, get the account installed and configured for a free trial, coaching and supporting the trial process until they are ready to become a paying customer, and then providing ongoing technical support. PosIQ also automates the restaurant billing process and the payment of commissions to our dealer partners.

Request a reseller package.

POS ISV Partnerships

PosIQ supports a number of Point of Sale systems—and we're working to grow that list every day. If you represent a Point of Sales system that you want PosIQ to support (PC, Web, Tablet, Mac, etc.), by all means reach out and say hello. Your customers will love what PosIQ can do. We have a talented group of engineers that make the certification and support process just about as simple as it can get. We'll do most of the work, but a little cooperation goes a long way. Support@Hubworks.com

Technology Partnerships

We are open to a wide variety of technology partnerships that can add value both ways. PosIQ provides a powerful platform, several rich POS interfaces, and vast amounts of transactional and behavioral data. We are interested in developing partnerships in...


Agency Partnerships

If you represent an agency that provides social marketing or traditional advertising support to the restaurant industry, we'd love to speak with you. PosIQ has unique technology that measures the true impact of promotions, both online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and offline (mail, print, radio, TV, etc.). You can measure likes, shares, and web hits, but PosIQ measures actual revenue driven and presents a profile of the guest segments that respond. For national or regional chains, we reveal revenues driven by location in real-time.

For agencies that bring us new restaurant accounts, you may also qualify for an ongoing commission stream as our partner. Send us an email: Support@Hubworks.com